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Live chef demos !

Chocolate, technique and sharing

The greatest pastry chefs, young talents and renowned chocolate makers prepared their best chocolate recipes during exceptional masterclasses on the Pastry Show stage.

They were present this year

The chocolate fashion show !

Sumptuous creations and a show

For more than 25 years, renowned chocolatiers and couturiers have collaborated to offer you unique and dazzling shows.

Once again this year, they have gone above and beyond with their work and imagination to offer a collection of fascinating and delicious masterpieces.

Live exhibitions and sculptures !

The art of chocolate 

The exhibition “Bûche, ô ma bûche” was back this year with the most beautiful Christmas creations : ephemeral works of art imagined by iconic pastry chefs. Sculptures, monumental works and photo exhibitions: many surprises has been prepared and crafted by our renowned chefs.

This year come see the spectacular sculpture of Napoleon!

To mark the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death, Jean-Luc Decluzeau, a chocolate artist from Limours in Essonne and history lover, has decided to create his own chocolate creation.

He presented at the Salon a bas-relief inspired by Jacques-Louis David’s painting “Bonaparte franchissant le Grand Saint-Bernard”.

Made with more than 100 kg of chocolate and 1.65 meters wide and 1.10 meters high, this work is the result of more than 120 hours of work. The chocolatier started with a picture of the famous painting and then made a life-size drawing before directly molding the sculpture in a block of chocolate.