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Every year, the Salon du Chocolat is proud to host prestigious culinary competitions.

This year, some major professional competitions are holding their finale at the chocolate fair: the World Chocolate Masters, the “Mondial des Arts Sucrés”, the National French Pastry Awards, the “Défi des Glaciers”, the first “Concours des cacaos paysans bio et équitables” and the Pain au Chocolat Masters.

Over five days, come and enjoy the exciting, unique experience of seeing these chefs working live!

World Chocolate Masters

The 8th edition of this international chocolate creations competition will take place at the 2022 Salon du Chocolat.

This is the world cup for artisan chocolatiers – an initiative by Cacao Barry to showcase creative chocolate craft and put new talent on the map. Eighteen countries have sent their best candidates, from the United States to China, to compete for the prestigious title of World Chocolate Master.

The theme this year is what #TMRW_TASTES_LOOKS_FEELS_LIKE, challenging the world’s finest chocolate chefs to present the chocolate of the future to an expert jury.

With 18 individual finalists representing 18 countries, facing a jury of 18 experts, the conclusion of this competition will definitely be intense!

The competition will take place over three days, allowing the participants to demonstrate their technical and artistic expertise over seven different assignments.

“Mondial des Arts Sucrés”

The 7th edition of the “Mondial des Arts Sucrés”, the patisserie competition that has promoted diversity since its inception, with male/female pairings, will see teams of pastry chefs competing against each other. Over four days, the contenders for the blue-red-black-yellow-green collar (the Olympic colours symbolising five continents) will present creations on the general theme of “The origin of the senses” and more specifically on protection of biodiversity.

The 32 candidates will dedicate themselves to creating three artistic pieces to be produced in 20 hours. You are invited to watch them work and attend the jury taste-testing.

Florence Lesage and her partner Alexis Beaufils will represent France, under the watchful eye of the MOF Nicolas Boussin and Angelo Musa.

National French Pastry Awards

The National French Pastry Awards are organised by the Confédération Nationale des Artisans Pâtissiers. This year, the competition is only open to amateur candidates. It will take place during the Show,  and 15 amateur pastry chefs will have to defend their creations to the public and a jury of experts.

The prestigious jury will include holders of the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” title as well as World Pastry Champions, and will be chaired by Laurent Le Daniel (MOF and President of the National Confederation of Artisanal Pastry Chefs, Chocolatiers, Confectioners, and Caterers).

This year, the theme will be “Chocolate Tarts and Truffles”. Candidates will first have to create two identical chocolate tarts, which will be judged on taste and appearance. For the second part of the competition, they will create between 20 and 25 truffles, judged on taste, chocolate intensity and originality. During the competition, all participants will be coached by the same renowned pastry chef.

“Défi des Glaciers”

In partnership with the CNGF (Confédération Nationale des Glaciers de France), the Défi des Glaciers is a two-day competition held on 28 and 29 October. A jury of renowned professionals will choose “the best ice cream or sorbet of 2022”.

Some of the ice creams or sorbets will be given to the jury and the rest will be sold to the public in disposable pots at the price of €3. All profits will be donated to the well-being of sick children at the Necker Hospital in Paris, under the sponsorship of Benoit Couvrand, associate chef of Cyril Lignac.

The first “Concours des cacaos paysans bio et équitables”

Launched in 2006, the Symbole des Producteurs Paysans (Small Farmers Label, SPP) is the first fair trade and organic label created and managed by producers. Today, the SPP brings together more than 120 coffee, cocoa, tea, fruit and sugar cooperatives in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The fair trade label Symbole des Producteurs Paysans is holding an international competition during which you will be invited to a blind tasting of chocolate bars at the SPP stand. The know-how of small organic and fair trade producers, offering high quality chocolates, will be showcased during this competition.

The competition will also feature lectures on key topics for the cocoa industry, round-table discussions and discussions between producers from different regions, as well as the sale of SPP-certified chocolate made by French chocolatiers.

“Pain au chocolat Masters”

On 29 October, the Pain au Chocolat Masters organised by the Confédération Nationale de la Boulangerie et Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Française will present an award to the best chocolate viennoiserie, judged by a jury of ten professional bakers and pastry chefs and two consumers. This year, the spotlight is on homemade pastries!

Candidates will be judged on quality criteria such as baking, shine, visual appearance, taste, melt-in-the-mouth quality and puff pastry.