Chocolate exhibitions and sculptures 2022-12-23T17:58:43+01:00

The art of chocolate in all its forms!

Moulded, sculpted, drawn, photographed or staged, every year chocolate put on a show at our trade fair. As well as the numerous creations exhibited by entrants to various competitions during skill tests, several inspired sculptures were presented on our exhibitors’ stands.

In 2022, you have discovered the sculpture of a 1927 Bugatti Grand Prix type 35B by Jean-Luc Decluzeau, an extraordinary feat!

The innovative, original concept of chocolate sculpture took the form of the iconic racing car that symbolises its era and the history of motorsport.

Young and old visitors, collectors or the simply curious were amazed by this nearly full-size (3/4 scale) chocolate car.

Faithful to the legendary 1920s racing model, it was 280cm long by 110cm wide, and involved 200 hours of work using 250kg of chocolate.

A Breton mermaid at Le Petit Prince 

In 2021, Maëlig Georgelin and his teams presented a majestic panther, which they worked on daily. In 2022, they have exhibited a wonderful mermaid, 150cm long by 1m high, which was re-sculpted every day on their stand.

Charity creations from Hasnaâ Chocolatiers Grands Crus 

The Bordeaux-based Hasnaâ Ferreira presented her collaboration with the Dutch artist Tom Claassen. 240kg of chocolate carved into two 1.2m rabbits, also in smaller format, which were available for sale in a limited edition in aid of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. 

“Des Dessins À l’Assiette” Exhibition

Sasha Nogueira’s illustrations have immortalized the creations of the top pastry chefs and chocolatiers: his exhibition “Du dessin à l’assiette” has fooled even the most keen connoisseurs. It was so beautiful that you wanted to eat it!

Bûche, ô ma bûche Exhibition

The “Bûche, Ô ma bûche” exhibition was dedicated to the very best chocolate Yule log creations: genuine, ephemeral works of art designed by top pastry chefs.