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L’art du chocolat sous toutes ses formes !

In turn molded, sculpted, drawn, photographed or staged, every year chocolate puts on a show at the Salon. In addition to the numerous creations exhibited by candidates in the various competitions during the skill tests, several sculptures were presented on the stands of inspired exhibitors.

Monumental sculpture

You’ve discovered the Lutetia hotel’s irresistible mascot “Lulu”, a shar-peï made entirely of chocolate by pastry chef Nicolas Guercio. Exhibited at the Salon du Chocolat, this monumental work of art was 5 meters high!

Du Dessin À l’Assiette” exhibition

Sasha Nogueira’s illustrations immortalized the must-haves of French patisserie: the exhibition of her work “Du dessin à l’assiette” fooled the most discerning eye. It’s so beautiful you’d eat it!

Bûche Ô ma bûche exhibition

The “Bûche Ô ma bûche” exhibition showcased the finest creations of Christmas logs: veritable ephemeral works of art imagined by iconic pastry chefs. This year, we immersed you in an immersive journey, with author Priscilla Lanzarotti recounting a poem as you explored this gourmet exhibition. It was a unique sensory experience combining poetry and gourmet delights.

Wonder bars exhibition

Every year, chocolatiers compete in ingenuity to create tablets with original designs. The “Wonder barres” wall showcased our exhibitors’ packaging and tablets. We could have eaten them all!

Sculpture exhibition

You have discovered the sculptures created by the finalists of the Best Apprentice of France Chocolate and Confectionery Competition.

Les 101 mots du chocolat à l’usage de tous

Anne and Caroline Debbasch, creators of the blog “Le chocolat dans tous nos états” and authors of Les 101 mots du chocolat à l’usage de tous (Archibooks, November 2023), have interviewed several lovers of “this beautiful bitter brown” and put together some inspirational quotes…