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The Cake Time

Each day, Cake Time put a different house in the spotlight, in a cozy space set up for a gourmet tea room atmosphere.

Day after day, you’ve found the signature creations of renowned pastry chefs, you have assisted in the preparation of these magnificent desserts and have discussed with the chefs.

You were able to get these pastries to take away or to taste on the spot in our revisited tea time area, the Place des Délices, enjoying a cup of tea offered by our partner George Cannon.

This was the 2022 program for the “Cake Time” area:

Friday October 28th: Louise Riot – Hôtel Molitor
Saturday October 29th: Nicolas Paciello – CinqSens
Sunday, October 30th: Nina Métayer – Délicatisserie
Monday October 31st : Nicolas Guercio – Hôtel Lutetia
Tuesday November 1st : Pierre-Jean Quinonero – Le Burgundy Paris

“En résidence” area

In 2022, you discovered our new “En résidence” area, a genuine carousel of talent showcasing a different “young brand” each day, led by well-known chefs.

All the culinary arts were represented: chocolatepastrybakery – there’s something to suit every taste!

You have met the 2017 Champion of France for Desserts Cyril Gaidella (Zest) or Sébastien Serveau, founder of “Pâtisserie fine”. Brandon Dehan presented the brand new chocolate range from Baumanière. Jeffrey Cagnes and Philippe Conticini have created mutual synergies, with their brand “Du geste à l’émotion”.
The totally new chocolate brand Alléno & Rivoire defended its three-star concept of modern, sugar-free chocolate that tastes better than ever. 

This was the 2022 program for the “En résidence” area:

Friday October 28th: Brandon Dehan & Jean-André Charial – La Chocolaterie Baumanière
Saturday October 29th: Sébastien Serveau – FINE Pâtisseries & chocolats
Sunday October 30th: : Philippe Conticini x Jeffrey Cagnes – Du Geste à l’Émotion
Monday October 31st: Cyril Gaidella – Boulangerie ZEST
Tuesday November 1st: Aurélien Rivoire – Alléno & Rivoire

1 day, 1 chocolatier

The “1 day, 1 chocolatier” area presented a new cast each day, offering precisely chiselled, gourmet creations.

Take a look at the 2022 program:

Friday October 28th: Pierre Marcolini
Saturday October 29th: Edwart Chocolatier
Sunday October 30th: Bello & Angeli
Monday October 31st : Arnaud Larher
TuesdayNo vember 1st: Arnaud Larher

To make sure you don’t miss one of your favourite chefs, check out our passes so you can visit over several days and make the most of what’s on offer.