Chocolate dresses fashion parade 2022-12-23T15:18:31+01:00

A show with breathtaking designs

For over 25 years, famous chocolatiers and fashion designers have worked together to create a uniquely dazzling spectacle.

Inspired by the theme of “Excellence in the service of glamour”, the designers and chocolatiers have gone beyond the realms of imagination to dream up a collection of deliciously fascinating masterpieces.

From 28 October to 1 November, you have been amazed by two exceptional shows, every day at 4pm and 5pm.

The designers & chocolatiers of the 2022 show:

  • The chocolatiers Jean-Luc Decluzeau and Hervé Traclet & the designer Angel Sewing
  • The chocolatiers Jean-Luc Decluzeau and Hervé Traclet & the costume designer Cassandra Allaire for Mad Harker
  • Maëlig Georgelin, pastry chef and designer at Le Petit Prince & Marie Ferrero-Favoriti, designer for MLF attitude couture
  • Hasnaâ and Vincent Ferreira for Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus & the designer Jérémie Pujo
  • The artisan chocolatier and CEO of Relais Desserts, Vincent Guerlais & the designer Angélique Godey
  • Hugues Pouget, pastry chef and founder of Maison Hugo & Victor, Champion of France for desserts & the designer Ricardo Dávila for PROMPERÚ France
  • Christophe Bertrand and Nicolas Morin for À La Reine Astrid & the Flory Brisset studio
  • The chocolate and ice cream artisan Frédéric Voulot for Chocolat by Fred & the dressmaking studio Erneste
  • The pastry chef and chocolatier Hugo Pralus for Maison Pralus & the designer Stéphane Pagan
  • Meilleur Ouvrier de France David Wesmaël – pastry chef, ice cream artisan and designer at La Glacerie Paris and Creative Director at Maison Le Roux & designer Nathalie Descout
  • La Maison Pariès & the artist Haute-Couture Daisy for the brand “Des Idées Folles”
  • Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Champion for patisserie, Pascal Brunstein for Oacao & the designers Maud et Nathan Brunstein
  • The pastry chef Olivier Stehly & the designer Eden Hue
  • The chocolatier Florent Thevenon & the designer Ludivine Guillot

Thank you to the chocolate fashion show partners:

SLA Paris – The show’s beauty partner, which has designed cocoa-based make-up products for edgy, delicious beauty.

Coiff&Co – Our new partner, the show’s official hairstylist.