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The lecture series

Here at the Salon du Chocolat, we believe that to properly appreciate chocolate, you need to understand it.

Once again, the Cocoa Show was the Salon du Chocolat’s celebration area, with prizegiving ceremonies and fashion shows featuring chocolate dresses. It was also the venue for lectures, presented and led by speakers who are connoisseurs of cocoa and the subtleties of chocolate.

This 2022 edition of the Salon du Chocolat presented 2 lectures series : 

From 28 October to 1 November 2022, a series of lectures has been organized by the Symbole des Producteurs Paysans (Small Farmers Label). The speakers have discussed the challenges and future of the cocoa industry, including preservation of the Amazon rainforest through chocolate, the challenges faced by small farmers, and the essential role of cooperatives in managing the fermentation of cocoa beans.

From 29 October to 1 November 2022, Priscilla Lanzarotti, author of Renversantes !, a columnist and patisserie critic who is unflinchingly honest about everything she tastes, hosted a round table discussion with top chefs to debate the key issues in the profession.

At the Salon du Chocolat 2022, she developed a major theme: Eco-responsibility in patisserie, discussing 2 issues: What is the future of patisserie? and Developing a more responsible, more committed approach.

Victoire Finaz, chocologist and founder of La Chocologue Paris, was with Matéo Cosnefroy, chocolate engineer and founder of Racine Carrée and Justine Chesnoy, cocoa bean hunter at Cacao Latitudes. They made you discover the making of chocolate by talking about all the jobs that accompany the journey of cocoa, for bean to bar.

They also talked about biodiversity and agroforestry issues and gave you more details about their project of exceptional chocolate from Peru.