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The Chocolate Fashion Show

Famous chocolate makers and fashions designers collaborated to present you a special birthday collection that took you back over chocolate’s epic history, from its discovery in Mexico 500 years ago to the present day.

A sneak preview of the chocolate dresses were presented during the inaugural fashion show on 29 October 2019.

From 30 October to 3 November, you were able to discover this exceptional show every day at 5pm!

Many thanks to our partners:
Franck Provost – Official hairdresser
SLA Paris – Official make-up artist

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The designers & chocolatiers of the 2019 Chocolate Fashion shows:

  • Max Chaoul & Philippe Bernachon
  • Stella Cadente & Jean-Paul Hévin
  • Angélique Godey & Stéphane Bonnat
  • Cassandra Allaire for Mad Harker & Jean-Luc Decluzeau
  • Elsa Muse & François Daubinet for FAUCHON
  • Stella Bonet & Morgane Richard for Tahiti Origin By M.
  • Michael Leyva & Kelly Go and Mark Mendoza Ocampo for Auro, in collaboration with Sylvie Guillaume and Katrien Delaet for Silva
  • Lauren Bitar & Arnaud Larher
  • Sébastien Tesson & Vincent Guerlais
  • Elise Martimort & Hasnaâ Ferreira
  • Lecoanet Hemant & Christophe Bertrand and Nicolas Morin for À La Reine Astrid
  • Félix Farrington for « La Petite Robe Noire » by Didier Ludot & Anne Benoit for Benoit Chocolats
  • L’Atelier Flory Brisset and l’Atelier Thiery & Christophe Bertrand and Nicolas Morin for À La Reine Astrid
  • Patrice Chapon
  • Gilles Touré & Cémoi
  • “Cacao du Pérou” by Ricardo Dávila & Frederic Blondeel