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Live demos by top chefs

The greatest French and international chefs, pastry chefs, master chocolatiers and young talents follow one another in the Pastry Show demonstration area to present their best chocolate recipes.

Take a seat and learn tips, techniques and how to create your own chocolate delights from the masters!

The programme

Programme for Saturday 28th October

Programme for Sunday 29th October

Programme for Monday 30th October

Programme for Tuesday 31st October

Programme for Wednesday 1st November

Ferrandi Paris

1 November 2017 /11:00 - 1 November 2018 /12:00

Claire Verneil

1 November 2017 /12:00 - 1 November 2018 /13:00

Pierre Sang

1 November 2017 /13:00 - 1 November 2018 /14:00