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For 5 days, meet the players in the chocolate and cocoa industry. They are all gathered to offer you an unforgettable experience !

Chocolatiers, pastry chefs, cocoa producers, major brands, food bloggers: they share their passion with you. Find them on their booth and entertainment areas.

Pastry Chefs

In the program :

  • The pastry chefs on stage
  • An exhibition of the most beautiful Christmas creations
  • Sculptures and other monumental chocolate works

For the first time in the history of the Salon du Chocolat, 4 of the greatest national and international competitions:

  • The « Mondial des Arts Sucrés »
  • The World Chocolate Masters
  • The « Trophée de la Pâtisserie Française »
  • The « Défi des Glaciers »

This year, the Cake Time corner will be present once again, for the greatest pleasure of gourmets. Every day a renowned pastry chef will offer a selection of their signature creations for sale.

In the program: taste-testing, training, exchanges and meetings with the Chefs.

Craftsmen & Iconic Brands

Imagine entering the largest chocolate factory in the world !

Hundreds of chocolatiers, pastry chefs and confectioners from all over the world, gathered under one roof, just for you.

For 5 days, come and meet these craftsmen and major iconic brands for a chocolate experience and taste exceptional creations.

A unique opportunity to see the latest trends imagined by the great artisans of chocolate and pastry.

Destination Cacao

The Salon du Chocolat is also a unique opportunity to meet cocoa producers, essential and irreplaceable players in the entire chocolate industry.

Producers from all over the world will be present at the Show to reveal all the secrets and the richness of their cocoa. Learn more about the various

origins and production methods of this unique bean and become an expert too!