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Pastry Chefs

The greatest pastry chefs were present at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris!

They were waiting for you at the Show’s Pastry area, under the patronage of Philippe Conticini! You were able to meet them at their stands and in the open-access entertainment areas:

The Pastry show: more than 50 iconic chefs have put on a show with a series of exceptional master classes, supported by Mercotte, France’s favourite blogger.

They were at the Salon:

Chocolate Bookshop: you could have your culinary bibles dedicated by your favorite pastry chefs and chocolatiers in the Salon Bookshop.

The Pastry Lab: The Tradition Gourmande Association have created for the first time at the Salon, a glass kitchen in which pâtissiers made their creations in front of you, with a French region highlighted every day.

The International French Pastry Trophy: this international competition was organized by the National Confederation of French Pastry Artisans!
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The International Confectionary Art Competition: you were able to meet the teams and future candidates of the 2020 International Reference Competition for High Pastry. Florence Lesage and Alexis Beaufils, who will represent France in 2020, were present too!

Craftsmen & Iconic Brands

The world’s largest chocolate shop

Imagine 230 chocolatiers, pastry chefs and confectioners from 60 countries gathered under the same roof, just for you!

Over 5 days, you were able to discover and taste an incomparable variety of chocolates and gourmet creations from 5 continents.

It was the opportunity to discover the latest trends from the greatest chocolate and pastry professionals, and see what our iconic French and international brands have been up to.

The Women’s Space

Women are increasingly involved in the chocolate and dessert industry so in 2019, the “Women’s” space was dedicated to them. We brought you the next generation of female stars in the chocolate and pastry industry: Cardenas Chocolates, Chocoloza, Les 3 Chocolats, M de Noir and Mitsuha Chocolatier.

Young Talent from Île-de-France

We’re shining a spotlight on young talent! Thanks to the support of the Île-de-France Region, the Salon du Chocolat showcased the region’s most promising young chocolate and pastry chefs on a dedicated space. You were able to discover creations by Chocolaterie Le BonheurL’Instant Cacao and Les Petites Pâtisseries – Raw & Vegan.

Cocoa Producers

The Salon du Chocolat is also a unique opportunity to meet a whole host of cocoa producers, some of the most irreplaceable people in the entire chocolate industry.

20 cocoa-producing countries from all over the world were present at the last event to reveal all the secrets of cocoa, just for you!

The Cocoa Lands also showcased their rites, cultures and rhythm, with festivities and music in the Cocoa Show space. There was something new to see every day, with a world tour through live performances for visitors both young and old.

You also discovered the Bean-to-bar Village, featuring professionals dedicated to making their own chocolate from bean to bar. They do everything, from roasting and grinding the beans to conching and moulding the chocolate.